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Good People Marine - Captain Jamey


  • Captain’s License - OUPV

  • Master/Mate 100 Ton 

  • Licensed to operate in all states and waterways out to 200nm offshore for an inspected vessel (commercial only) + operate uninspected vessels (non-commercial vessels) internationally

  • Thousands of hours and counting on the water

  • Available for captain-for-hire

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Born and bred in the sun-soaked landscapes of south Florida, Captain Jamey discovered his deep-seated passion for the water through years of diving and fishing and a lifetime of boating. 


A decade ago, he earned his captain’s licence while charter fishing in the rugged terrains of Alaska. This marked the beginning of a maritime journey that would see him manning vessels in the pristine Alaskan wilderness and navigating the waters of south Florida as a hired captain.


Jamey transitioned into yacht management, immersing himself in the world of larger vessels. Starting as a deckhand in an Alaskan charter boat company, he leveled up to a 50-ton license with subsequent years spent honing his skills in yachting in south Florida - culminating in a 100-ton master's license five years ago.


Prior to joining Good People Marine, Captain Jamey served as a seasonal captain in both Alaska and south Florida. Upon settling in Charleston, he balanced his time as a server at Magnolias while launching his own venture, Stoked Party Boats.


As a captain, Jamey is known for his unwavering reliability, punctuality, and extensive knowledge of vessels. His philosophy on the water revolves around prioritizing safety and continuous learning - leaving any ego on the dock. Whether navigating the challenging Alaskan wilderness or cruising the azure waters of the Bahamas, Captain Jamey is dedicated to providing guests with a wonderful and unforgettable experience on every voyage.


Jamey joined the Good People Marine ranks in 2023 and is available for fishing charters and captain for hire services. 


Simply put, anyone who wants to have a good time and is open to a love for the water is welcome in the boat. 

Welcoming all experience and skill levels, if you want to ask questions, learn something new and make memories, Jamey is your captain. 

Good People Marine - Captain Jamey
Good People Marine - Captain Jamey


  • 10 Years Guiding

  • Specializes in light tackle in-shore

  • Experienced running Charleston, South Florida, Bahamas, Florida Keys, South Central Alaska & Kodiak Island

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